The Ruffian American Series Staunton Chess Pieces in Bud Rose / Box Wood - 4.8" King

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Material: Bud Rose Wood/ Boxwood (Gardenia latifolia)

Dimensions:    King Height - 4.8" (122 mm)    
                        King Base - 1.9" (50 mm)
                        Pawn Height - 2.3" (60 mm)   
                        Pawn Base -  1.4" (34 mm)

You're getting: 34 pieces(2 extra queens); Board and Storage Box is not included.

1550 grams (54.67 oz)Please note that the weight in the set is added manually so the final weight of the set can vary by plus or minus (±) 10%.

Recommended Board Size
: (2.1"- 2.5")/(55 mm - 65 mm) sq.

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Chess Pieces Details Height Base
King    4.84" (122 mm)
1.96" (50 mm)
Queen    3.81" (97 mm)
 1.81" (46 mm)
Bishop  3.50" 89 mm)
 1.73" (44 mm)
Knight  3.42" (87 mm)
1.73" (44 mm)
Rook  2.71" (69 mm) 1.73" (44 mm)
Pawn  2.36" (60 mm)
1.41" (34 mm)
Total Weight Of Chess Set 1550 grams (54.67 oz)
Dark Pieces Bud Rosewood/Padauk (Dalbergia maritima)
Light Pieces Boxwood (Gardenia latifolia)
Recommended Board Size  (2.1"-2.5")/(55mm - 65 mm) sq.

Features :- The Ruffian American Series weighted chess pieces offers a 4.8" King with a base diameter of 1.9" and all chess pieces are Triple Weighted by adding a stud of iron within the base. Each of the chess pieces have thick green felt on their bases. The dark pieces are made in bud rose wood and the lighter pieces are made in box wood.

Weight: 1550 grams (54.67 oz). Please note that the weight in the set is added manually so the final weight of the set can vary by plus or minus (±) 10%.

Design & Quality :- Handcrafted in India, these chess pieces exude class and luxury. Appropriately weighted these pieces are very stable on board and a pleasure to touch and feel. Each pieces is meticulously Buff polish by hand to give it a rich and long lasting shine. 

The design, quality and craftsmanship of these chess pieces is unmatched to any other chess set in its class. When it comes to pleasure of holding a nicely weighted and crafted chess set, no other chess set comes even close to Ruffian American Series. To make the Ruffian Series what it is, our artisans take more than a week to craft a single chess set. The result of this hard work of these master craftsmen is a truly wonderful design and a master piece which a connoisseur will admire. 

Ruffian Legacy (April 17, 1972 – July 7, 1975):- Ruffian also known as "Queen of the Fillies" is one of the most popular American champion throughbred racehorse of 20th century. In a short career of around 2 years she won The Eclipse Award for Outstanding Two-Year-Old Filly in 1974 and also won the Filly Triple Crown in 1975. Ruffian was unbeatable in the first 10 ten races she run and setting new benchmarks in each of these eight stakes races. The best record by her is maiden race in record time by 15 lengths. Ruffian's entire career achievements and legacy led to movie Ruffian in 2007.


Why Ruffian American Series?

Inspired by the famous Ruffian racehorse, our Ruffian American Series personifies the legacy of the famous American thoroughbred. The flowing mane of the knight represents the Ruffian in full gallop. The inflated nostrils representing the horse nearing the finish line beating the competition in dust. 

Package Includes : 34 Chessmen(2 extra queens included). chess board NOT included in this sale. 

Note: *Customs charges are included. (T&C apply) Know More>>

Disclaimer: Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

Caution: These chess pieces are neither waterproof nor UV-resistant


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